September 15, 2015 14:26

Here is a quick run through of what we can do to help you reduce that debtors listing and keep the money coming in, so you can work on growing your business.

LCMS provide various services to look after all your credit control needs including the following:

Outsourced Credit Control - a designated member of our staff rings your customers on your behalf and processes payments along with liaising with your accounts department to clear up any queries your customers may have.  The customers are not aware that the person ringing them is not based in your office.  This service is proven to be more cost effective and results driven than in-house credit control.

Telephone and Letter Collection - For the slower paying accounts, we can issue a letter from ourselves followed up by a phone call and then if necessary, issue another letter and another phone call, giving your customer every opportunity to settle the account. 

Legal - we also have a legal team in place along with a panel of extremely experienced solicitors, who can process to the summons stage, if you feel you would like to move non- payers to this route.

At all times, we strive to collect in monies due to you, in the most efficient, professional and cost effective manner.  We also pride ourselves on maintaining a professional and quality relationship with your customers, to enhance the opportunities for future business.  We have the facility to collect and monitor part payments, giving your customers the chance to pay the account over an agreed time frame. 

Our clients have 24hr access to the online Client Portal and can see a record of each correspondence sent and a report on every phone call made and actions taken, including the customers comments and our representatives response, to ensure that you know exactly what is going on with every account, at all times.  You can report back to your account manager on any correspondence or payments received from your customers to ensure open communication between all parties, at all stages in the process

We have a variety of packages available including a fee per account basis or a percentage of fees collected, depending on the service used.  The best approach is for us to review your overdue accounts and offer a package that is most cost effective and efficient for your needs.  We would gladly provide a free consultation meeting to put together the ideal package for your requirements.  We can also provide in-house training for your accounts team on best practises in Credit Control and a review of current procedures to ensure that records and current procedures are offering you the proven maximum opportunity for collection of accounts.

LCMS is situated in Naas, Co Kildare and has been operating since 2004.  We look after the credit control for many high profile businesses and testimonials and references are available for you to see at our initial meeting. 

Give our sales team a call on 087 9632195 (Colin Sunderland), 087 2029067 (Paddy Nolan), 085 8534044 (Siobhan Phillips) or 087 7851526 (Tara Lane) and we can schedule a quick meeting with you, to show you all that the Client Portal offers and to give you a costing on addressing your credit control issues.  Think of all that you could do with the monies that are due to you and how you could use the revenue in your business rather than being owed the money.