Why use LCMS?

LCMS Limited is an Irish company that provides services in areas of credit control and overdue account collections to individuals, partnerships, companies and government bodies/agencies. We operate in the most efficient and professional way which has allowed us to build a portfolio of satisfied clients from a spectrum of industries. We also pride ourselves on our ability to maintain a professional and quality relationship between our clients and their customers. This preserves future business to allow our clients to grow by successfully unlocking their money. 

We are certified compliant to international standards ISO27001 and ISO9001 so our clients are assured that their data is handled and processed to the highest international standard. 

We tailor packages to suit any requirements and are always willing to provide a 'no-commitment' consultation at a time that suits you.

Our services.......

Overdue Accounts Collection

Individuals/companies have a legitimate right to engage third party collections to recover monies due to them for goods they have supplied or service they have rendered. Similarly, public bodies/agencies have a duty to the taxpayer to contract a collections agency to recover monies due to Irish government institutions. 

LCMS have a proven track record representing all types of creditors while treating their customers/patients with respect while also achieving the success that our existing clients now expect and enjoy. LCMS upholds very high standards in areas concerning Data Security to minimise any risk of reputational damage being suffered by our clients. Our professional staff receive sensitivity training and the company has built vast experience in dealing with extremely sensitive referrals while acting for clients in all industries. 

LCMS' dedicated client portal allows all of our clients to have real-time access to their account which allows them to access their cases, view correspondences sent, read short-hand notes entered by the LCMS agent while in contact with the customer, download various reports which can allow our clients to improve their internal processes and much more.

Outsourced Credit Control

LCMS can offer a service where we can contact your customers remotely through your phone number (or dedicated contact number), representing you to ensure efficient payment of of your current invoices while eliminating all of the administrative burdens taken away. Our highly experienced credit controllers can increase your cash-flow while saving you in areas such as staff time, annual leave cover, phone and letter costs and PRSI.