Overdue Accounts Collection Service

LCMS provides a leading overdue accounts collection service with a range of options for recovery. Those services include:

  • Communicating with our clients customers by letter, telephone and email
  • Dealing with queries and mediating disputes
  • Offering a multitude of payment options
  • A Solicitor's demand letter service through our legal referral Solicitor firm
  • An agent site call service where applicable
  • A very low cost legal proceedings service for exhausted debts 
  • A dedicated client portal to allow our clients to view progress on their accounts, select actions and see all correspondence/conversations made in real time, 24/7.  

Contract Options

Our sales team may offer a range of contract options to you, which include:

  • A 'no collection - no fee' basis
  • a 'fee-per-account' basis (set fee per referral)
  • A 'letter only' service