September 12, 2015 21:39

What a busy week we have had in LCMS.  The week started off with the four new staff joining us on Monday to get settled in and start training in the services that we provide for our clients.  I am one of the new recruits and have moved to LCMS as the Sales and Marketing Manager to inform businesses throughout Ireland of the many services that LCMS provide.  Having previously been involved in business for the last 14 years and providing book keeping services to businesses, I know all about the problems caused by lack of cash flow into a business.  Having had the privilege of working with the North Kildare Chamber for the last 16 months, I have worked closely with many Kildare based businesses and look forward to continuing to do so.

I sat with the credit collection team, listening to the team calling on behalf of clients to collect payments for them.  On hearing the overdue accounts being settled by credit card or promise of transfers or cheque payments, it struck me that while business owners are out doing what they went into business to do, the LCMS team were doing what they do so well, increasing cash flow their clients and decreasing debtors listings.  I could have done with the service myself years ago when I was the sales team, the marketer, the HR expert, the accountant and the tea maker, all at once!   The highly skilled team take care of that major headache, credit control, while maintaining a very positive relationship with the companies’ clients.  If I had engaged the services of LCMS then, where would my business be now?  Still in existence I think.

I met many fantastic businesses in my first week, many whom I hope to work very closely with for a long time.  The Wednesday morning networking meeting in the North Kildare Chamber office brings extremely proactive business owners together to network, support and learn from each other.  The feeling of comradery is huge and you know that the other networkers genuinely want your business to succeed.  If you need a service and it’s not represented in the room, you can be sure someone can point you in the right direction.

We also took to the road to Wexford to the Wexford Chamber Business Expo and again I was blown away by the quality and variety of companies represented.  There was a tremendous energy in the room and lots of swapping of cards.  We made some great contacts and I look forward to travelling to Wexford regularly to meet with our Wexford based clients.  We also have an office in Gorey and two account managers based in Wexford so there is lots of support for our clients down in the sunny south east. 

Next week is a busy one including lots more networking, Women in Business with Kildare and Meath Local Enterprise Offices on Monday evening in the beautiful Carton House  Hotel, Naas on Wednesday and I am going along to another networking on Thursday morning so I should have my 60 second pitch down pat by then.  If you are not a member of your local chamber, I would strongly recommend you check them out, the networking is only part of the chamber experience, wait for the awards night, now there’s a party!

If you would like to discuss how LCMS can help you keep the money flowing in, contact the sales team on or you can give me, Tara Lane, a ring on 087 7851526 or email me on

Looking forward to seeing you soon, maybe at a networking meeting if not before.  Meanwhile check out your local chamber website, here's the North Kildare Chamber link.