May 12, 2016 14:41

Did you know?

1. The District court Summons is now called a Claim Notice and is up to €15,000 in the local district court.
2. LCMS/Solicitor retains the burden of administration which limits the input required by our clients.
3. Within 35 days the Claim Notice can be ready to be served on the debtor.
4.In an undefended case an automatic Court Judgement is obtained and can be registered.  
5. If defended exact reasons why the debt is not owed has to be outlined by the debtor on receipt of Claim Notice. A court date has then to be obtained.
6. Legal letters are generally sent out to debtors on a "no collection no fee" basis on accounts of all values in association with our legal partners. 
7. It can be cost effective for a debt greater than €500 to progress to the Claim Notice.

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