February 04, 2016 14:43

Outsourcing is an arrangement in where one company provides a service to another company that could be provided within the organisation.

Outsourcing allows a company to concentrate on its core processes and engage suppliers who are experts in the relevant field.  This will prove to be most cost effective as the company supplying the service have all the specific equipment, procedures and processes to complete the task efficiently.   They will upskill their workforce with the latest developments in the industry and you will benefit from these newly acquired skills, without paying for them or losing out on production time.

Companies providing a service to clients will concentrate on providing the best possible service and will be more results driven, as they will be keen not to lose the contract when it comes to renegotiation time.

Another advantage of outsourcing includes reduced operational and staff costs.  Management will be able to allocate the agreed contract price into the budget and will not have to worry about all the extra costs such as replacing staff when on sick or holiday leave, or the increased overhead costs of extra staff.

LCMS provide an excellent Outsourced Credit Control service to its clients.  To learn how LCMS can help you with your credit control, contact a member of our sales team on 045 431143 to arrange a free, no obligation meeting, in your office.