List of Overdue Accounts Collection Services

LCMS provides a more comprehensive range of overdue accounts collection services than any other Irish company. Those services include:

  • Communicating with debtors by letter, telephone and text
  • Dealing with debtor queries and removing obstacles to payment
  • Taking part payments and setting up scheduled payments
  • A full range of methods to accept payment
  • Negotiating settlements
  • Establishing of the current location of debtors
  • Doorstep Collection
  • Legal services through partners
  • A dedicated point of contact within LCMS
  • Portal logon for clients to view progress on their accounts, select actions and see all correspondence made in real time, 24/7.  

Benefits of LCMS Collection Service

The benefits to you as a client are that within one month of handing over a block of overdue accounts to LCMS:

  • A substantial percentage of your debtors will have paid in full
  • You may have settled some debts for less than the full amount due
  • Some debtors will be making regular payments to discharge their overdue accounts
  • Legal proceedings will have commenced on accounts which are worth pursuing
  • You will receive a professional recovery report with supporting evidence
  • Your administration costs will be reduced when the overdue accounts have been cleared off your books

You can avail of free expert advice on how to reduce your exposure to bad debt going forward.

Payment Options

The sales team will outline a range of payment options including:

  • Payment based on a percentage of monies collected
  • Payment per account referred
  • Payment per item or action.