Our Services

LCMS provide various services to look after all your credit control needs. At all times, we strive to collect in monies due to you, in the most efficient, professional and cost effective manner. We also pride ourselves on maintaining a professional and quality relationship with your customers, to enhance the opportunities for future business. We have the facility to collect and monitor part payments, giving your customers the chance to pay the account over an agreed time frame. The best approach is for us to review your overdue accounts and offer a package that is most cost effective and efficient for your needs.

Why use LCMS

In order to survive in business a company has to ensure that it gets paid for the goods and services it provides, and public bodies have a duty to recover outstanding overdue accounts. When in-house efforts to secure payments have failed, handing the problem over to a professional overdue accounts collection agency is the best option.

Legal and Credit Management Services (LCMS) is a highly respected Irish company with a proven track record in this area. Within 30 days of handing over a block of debt to us, a substantial percentage of those overdue accounts will be paid and the client will receive a professional recovery report with supporting evidence.

Why not call us today and avail of a free consultation with one of our sales team. We will tailor a package to suit your needs and lift the burden of overdue accounts off your shoulders.